Can I migrate my current deployment to hybrid? - Cloud

Talend Cloud Hybrid Installation Guide for Linux

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Yes, it is possible to migrate to hybrid but there are some specificities to take into account.

Before you migrate your current deployment, note that:
  • Hybrid is available for Talend Cloud Platform level licenses.
  • Hybrid setup is available for:
    • New Talend Cloud deployments
    • Migrating existing on-premises Talend Data Stewardship and Talend Data Preparation deployments.

Migrating your current deployment to hybrid is different from a classic on-premises migration. You must follow the specific steps described in Migrating on-premises Data Preparation and Data Stewardship to hybrid mode on Talend Cloud.

For fresh installations, refer to Enabling hybrid for Talend Cloud from scratch.

An alternative installation method via RPM and Ansible is also available for the applications mentioned earlier in this document. Refer to for more information.