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This page details the recommended and supported Operating Systems for Talend products.

In the following documentation:

  • Recommended: designates an environment recommended by Talend based on experience and customer usage.
  • Supported: designates a supported environment for use with the listed component or service.
  • Supported with limitations: designates an environment that is supported by Talend but with certain conditions explained in notes.

Talend Server modules

Given that Oracle has a stated compatibility statement for Red Hat RHEL, Talend considers that Oracle Linux is supported, for those versions which correspond to RHEL versions that Talend lists in the User Documentation.

Compatible operating systems for Talend Server modules
Operating system family (64 bit) Operating system Version Support type
Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 Recommended
7 Supported
Rocky Linux 8 Supported1
CentOS 8 Deprecated
7 Deprecated
Ubuntu 20.04 Recommended
Amazon Linux Amazon Linux 2 Supported
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15 Supported
Debian 10 Supported
Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Supported1
2019 Recommended
2016 Supported
Windows Server on AWS 2016 Supported

1 Requires the 8.0.1-R2022-10 or 7.3.1-R2022-10 Talend monthly patch or later.