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Talend Cloud Hybrid Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade

Before you begin

You have downloaded the hybrid Talend Dictionary Service 8.0 archive from Talend Cloud's Downloads page.


  1. Stop your instance of the previous version of Talend Dictionary Service but keep MongoDB running.
  2. Back up the MongoDB instance used for the previous version of Talend Dictionary Service using the following command: mongodump -h <source_mongodb_host>:<source_mongo_port> -d <source_database> -u <source_mongodb_user> -p <source_mongodb_password> -o <dump_output>
    The default value for the embedded MongoDB properties are the following:
    Property Value
    mongodb.host localhost
    mongodb.port 27017
    mongodb.database dqdict
    mongodb.user dqdict-user
    mongodb.password duser


    mongodump -h localhost:27017 -d dqdict -u dqdict-user -p duser -o dump\             
  3. Stop your MongoDB instance.
  4. Install Talend Dictionary Service 8.0 with the embedded MongoDB and do not start the instance.
  5. If you have installed Talend Dictionary Service 8.0 in service mode, stop the instance, delete the database and stop MongoDB:
    1. Open a mongo shell as Talend Dictionary Service database user and execute the following commands:
      cd <install_dir>/mongodb/bin
      ./mongo dqdict -u dqdict-user -p duser --port 27017
    2. Switch to Talend Dictionary Service database: use dqdict
    3. Drop the database: db.runCommand( { dropDatabase: 1 } )
    4. Exit mongo shell: exit
    5. Stop MongoDB.
  6. If you have performed any custom configuration to the previous version of the <Tomcat>/conf/data-quality.properties file, update the 8.0 version of the file by coping the values from the old configuration file. You can then change parameters needed for Talend Cloud and Talend Cloud Management Console, as explained in Configuring and starting Talend Dictionary Service.
  7. In the new version of the data-quality.properties file, replace the following parameter names with the new names:
    Previous parameter name New parameter name
    dq.mongo.host spring.data.mongodb.host
    dq.mongo.port spring.data.mongodb.port
    dq.mongo.username spring.data.mongodb.username
    dq.mongo.password spring.data.mongodb.password
    dq.mongo.database.name spring.data.mongodb.database
    dq.mongo.ssl.enabled spring.data.mongodb.ssl
    dq.mongo.ssl.trust-store spring.data.mongodb.ssl.trust-store
    dq.mongo.ssl.trust-store-password spring.data.mongodb.ssl.trust-store-password
  8. Start MongoDB of the 8.0 version.
  9. Restore the backup performed on the MongoDB of the previous version of Talend Dictionary Service, on the 8.0 MongoDB instance using the following command: mongorestore -h <source_mongodb_host>:<source_mongo_port> -d <source_database> -u <source_mongodb_user> -p <source_mongodb_password> dump\


    mongorestore -h localhost:27017 -d dqdict -u dqdict-user -p duser dump\             
  10. Start Talend Dictionary Service 8.0 by launching, in order:
    • Apache Zookeeper
    • Apache Kafka
    • Apache Tomcat (Talend Administration Center server and Talend Identity and Access Management server)
    • MongoDB
    • MinIO
  11. Optional: Import the following files into Talend Data Preparation or Talend Data Stewardship to perform the functional migration from a previous version of Talend Dictionary Service:
    Previous Talend Dictionary Service version File Description
    6.3.x <install_dir>/database/functionalMigration/6.3/Phone_number.json Create the PHONE compound semantic type, which groups FR_PHONE, US_PHONE, UK_PHONE and DE_PHONE semantic types
    <install_dir>/database/functionalMigration/6.3/North_American_state.json Create the NA_STATE compound semantic type, which groups US_STATE and CA_PROVINCE_TERRITORY semantic types
    <install_dir>/database/functionalMigration/6.3/North_American_state_code.json Create the NA_STATE_CODE compound semantic type, which groups the US_STATE_CODE and CA_PROVINCE_TERRITORY_CODE semantic types
    <install_dir>/database/functionalMigration/6.3/UK_Phone.json Update the UK_PHONE semantic type
    6.4.x <install_dir>/database/functionalMigration/6.4/UK_Phone.json Update the UK_PHONE semantic type

    There are no functional migration steps for 6.5.x and 7.0.x. The migration is automated for these versions.


You are now ready to use Talend Dictionary Service 8.0.