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Talend Cloud Hybrid Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade

When migrating your applications to hybrid, you have to upgrade them to the 7.2 version. By doing so, you also need to update Talend Studio to 7.2 to execute Jobs in Talend Cloud.

Before you begin

  • You have migrated your projects from Talend Administration Center to Talend Cloud Management Console.
  • You have upgraded your various applications to hybrid.


  1. Save your Jobs in a ZIP file.
  2. Upgrade your Talend Studio or install a new 7.2 Talend Studio. You can download the latest version available from the Downloads page in Talend Cloud.
  3. Setup the connection between Talend Studio and Talend Cloud. You should be able to find the projects migrated to Talend Cloud Management Console. Refer to Talend Cloud Data Management Platform Studio User Guide.
  4. Import the ZIP file containing the Jobs into the new Studio installation.
  5. Publish the Jobs to Talend Cloud.
  6. Recreate the tasks related to Jobs in Talend Cloud Management Console.


Note: Jobs related to Talend Data Preparation or Talend Data Stewardship have to be executed on a Remote Engine that can communicate with the hybrid application.