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Talend Cloud Hybrid Installation Guide

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About this task

Here is an overview of the steps to perform to migrate an on-premises installation for Talend Data Preparation or Talend Data Stewardship to a hybrid mode on Talend Cloud. The complete procedure for each steps is detailed further below in this guide.


  1. Backup your on-premises environment. Make sure to keep a copy of the configuration files of each application that is about to be migrated.
  2. Download the following artifacts from Talend Cloud's Downloads page.
    • Archives of the applications you want to install in hybrid mode.
    • Migration tool.
  3. Run the Talend Administration Center to Talend Cloud Management Console migration tool to migrate users and groups.
  4. Using the downloaded archives, upgrade the on-premises applications to their respective 8.0 hybrid version. To do that, follow the migration procedures described further below. Make sure to upgrade Talend Dictionary Service before Talend Data Preparation and Talend Data Stewardship.
  5. Fill in the required information and retrieve the client ID and secret to add to the hybrid configuration file from Talend Cloud Management Console.
  6. Configure the installed applications with the correct hybrid settings.
  7. Confirm that all users have been correctly migrated to Talend Cloud Management Console and have the correct rights to access the newly installed hybrid applications. Talend Cloud Management Console documentation.
    If the users of Talend Data Stewardship need to view or manage the data quality rules, the administrator must assign the role Rule-Viewer or Rule-Manager to the users.
  8. If you have live datasets or Studio Jobs, migrate them as well and update to Talend Studio 8.0.