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Talend Cloud Hybrid Installation Guide

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Installation and Upgrade

Talend Cloud lets you install and host on-premises versions of your Talend Data Stewardship and Talend Data Preparation applications. This setup allows you to store sensitive data behind your firewall, while still managing your users and the rest of your platform from Talend Cloud.

You can enable hybrid individually for each of these applications. While installed on premises, they are still bound to your Talend Cloud license. Platform administration, such as user and account management, remains in Talend Cloud for all applications.

All communication between hybrid Talend Data Stewardship or Talend Data Preparation and Talend Cloud is initiated from the hybrid applications, and never from Talend Cloud to the hybrid applications. Consequently, you do not need to allow inbound communication from the Internet to your hybrid applications.

Note that even with applications located on different domains, logging in to Talend Cloud and switching between the applications works seamlessly.

Applications that are available for hybrid setup are:

  • Talend Data Stewardship prior to version 8.0 R2022-07
  • Talend Data Stewardship version 8.0 R2022-07 and later

  • Talend Data Preparation prior to version 8.0 R2022-07
  • Talend Data Preparation version 8.0 R2022-07 and later

As you are installing on-premises versions of the applications, refer respectively to the Talend Data Preparation User Guide and Talend Data Stewardship User Guide to learn more about the capabilities they offer.