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Talend Cloud Installation and Upgrade Guide

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This guide explains how to install and configure the on-premises applications that are part of Talend Cloud products. Before you begin, Talend recommends that you read the installation prerequisites section, and verify that you meet the hardware and software requirements for your installation.

Talend Cloud Data Stewardship, Talend Cloud Data Preparation, and Talend Dictionary Service are available for Talend Cloud in both web-based and hybrid modes. For more information about installing these applications in hybrid mode, see Talend Cloud Hybrid Installation Guide for Linux. The web-based mode doesn't require any installation.

The applications that you must install depend on your use cases. In some cases, you might not need to install anything. For an example of such use case, see Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer Getting Started Guide.

To install Talend subscription products on premises, see Talend Installation Guide for Linux .

To install the free products, see Talend Open Studio Installation and Upgrade Guide for Linux .