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About this task

Before applying the patch on a Talend Studio production branch, Talend recommends to first create and use a test branch for the patch testing.

In the following steps:
  • Studio_1 refers to the current Talend Studio instance used for production.
  • Studio_2 refers to the Talend Studio instance used for testing the patch.


  1. Open your current Talend Studio instance and select the project you want to test the patch on.
  2. Create a new branch named patch_testing (or any other name) based on the production branch. For more information on the creation of branch with Talend Studio, see Creating a new branch based on a selected source. You can also create a branch without Talend Studio using Git.
  3. Install another Talend Studio instance (Studio_2) to test the patch.
  4. Apply the patch in the Studio_2 instance manually and launch it. For more information, see Applying a patch.
  5. Select the project in the patch_testing branch.
    Warning: If the project has reference projects, you need to log into the main project with the first Talend Studio instance (Studio_1) to change the project reference to your test branch (in this example, patch_testing) to make sure all the projects you test are on the patch_testing branch. Then, use the Studio_2 to migrate the reference projects before the main project.
  6. A warning window appears, click OK to migrate the project to the new patch version.


You applied the patch to Studio_2 and migrated your projects in the patch_testing branch. You can now test the patch.

If the test is successful, you can apply the patch to the Talend Studio instance used for production (Studio_1) and migrate other production branches.

If the test is not successful, contact Talend Support.