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Talend Cloud Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
Talend Artifact Repository is based on Nexus.


  1. After unzipping the Artifact-Repository-Nexus-VA.B.C.D-E archive file, choose the nexus-VA.B.C.D.E folder.
  2. Add the execution rights to the relevant files by running the following command:
    chmod 755
  3. From the <ApplicationFolder>/bin folder, launch the Talend Artifact Repository instance using the following command:
    ./nexus run
    Nexus runs in the console.
  4. To run Talend Artifact Repository as a service, follow the procedure of the Nexus documentation at
  5. Log into the Talend Artifact Repository Web application (default login information: admin/Talend123). Make sure you have the relevant rights to access the release and snapshot repositories.

After the first connection, it is strongly recommended to change the default credentials of the default administrator account.

  1. Change the default credentials of the admin user:
    1. In the left panel of the Talend Artifact Repository Web application, select Security > Users.
    2. Right-click the admin user and select Set Password.
    3. Enter a new password for the admin user.