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Talend Studio supports the shared mode if you have installed the 8.0 R2023-10 monthly update or a later one provided by Talend, which allows each user on the machine where Talend Studio is installed to work with different configuration and workspace folders.
Important: Before enabling the shared mode:
  • Only the admin user can enable and disable the shared mode.
  • The shared user should not change update settings, apply any update, and install features for Talend Studio even if when receiving an update notification.
  • The admin user can change update settings, apply an update, and install features for Talend Studio only when the shared mode is not enabled.

Applying an update

When Talend Studio is in shared mode, the admin user cannot apply a update from the Configurations page in Talend Management Console.

To apply an update:
  1. Disable the shared mode.
  2. Apply the update.
  3. Re-enable the shared mode.