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Installation and Upgrade
You can set up the update repositories (p2 repositories) by hosting the official Talend repositories.

About this task

This procedure shows you how to host an update repository for Talend Studio feature packages using Apache Tomcat. You can follow it to host an update repository for any Talend Studio monthly updates.


  1. Download the archive for Talend Studio feature packages, in this example.
  2. Extract the archive in the webapps folder of Apache Tomcat.
  3. Rename the folder for Talend Studio feature packages to repo-base, for example.
  4. Start Apache Tomcat.
    Later, you can use http://<repo-server>/repo-base to configure the base URL in Talend Studio or the parameter in Continuous Integration, where <repo-server> is the IP address or the host name of the Apache Tomcat server.

    Note that you can also use other server tools besides Apache Tomcat, and you can even host a repository using a local folder and then configure the URL using the complete path to the folder.