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Talend Cloud Installation Guide for Windows

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Installation and Upgrade

Talend provides monthly updates that contain new features and bug fixes for Talend Studio.

After installing Talend Studio, you can configure how to update it in different ways.
  • To update a single instance of Talend Studio, download and apply the update directly within Talend Studio by setting up an update URL.
  • To test an update before applying it, for example in large projects and for projects in production, follow the best practices and test the update by using a proxy server. You can then apply the update to several Talend Studio instances at once.
  • If you are using Talend CommandLine, you can update it either by setting up an update URL or by manually adding the update file under the installation folder.

For technical reasons, you cannot uninstall an update. Talend recommends you to follow the best practices described below to test an update first before applying the update to production. These instructions should be read as general guidance.

Warning: All Talend Studio clients connected to the same project must install the same update.