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You can change the default authentication mode to SSO.

Talend Cloud offers generic login configuration options that allow you to set up SSO with the identity provider of your choice through SAML 2.0. To enable it:

  1. Create an application on the SSO provider side and download a metadata file containing the SAML parameters of the created application. Refer to to learn how to configure SSO with one of Talend Cloud's certified providers: Okta, OneLogin, PingFederate, or Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
  2. Enable SSO from Talend Cloud Management Console by specifying the SSO Organization URL as well as the metadata. Refer to Enabling SSO in Talend Cloud Management Console.

About Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

You can use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to log in to Talend Cloud by selecting the corresponding option on the external SSO provider. Once MFA is enabled on your SSO provider, Talend Cloud will be compliant with it.

  • If SSO is enabled, users can only connect Talend Studio to Talend Cloud using a Personal Access Token.
  • Although complete tests were performed only on the certified SSO providers as to using MFA with Talend Cloud, MFA with other SSO providers is expected to work all the same.