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Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer Getting Started Guide

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Talend Pipeline Designer allows you to create a dataset based on a schema that you enter manually.

Before you begin

Retrieve this file from the Downloads tab of this page: financial_transactions.json


  1. Point your cursor over the newly created Test connection, and click the Add dataset icon.
  2. In the Add a new dataset panel, give a name to your test dataset, financial data for example.
  3. Select the format of your data: in this case, select JSON.
  4. In the values area, copy-paste the content of the previously downloaded financial_transactions.json file.
    Note: The size of the sample cannot exceed 32 kilobytes.
  5. Click View sample to preview your data.
  6. Click Validate to save your dataset.


On the Datasets page, the new dataset is added to the list and can be used in your pipeline.

To preview it, click its name in the dataset list. You are redirected to the dataset view where you can check that your data is valid.