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Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer Getting Started Guide

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Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer is a modern flexible integration tool you can use to process data at scale in an easy yet powerful manner.

Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer provides a graphical web-based user interface in the Cloud to create complex end-to-end pipelines to process data at rest or in motion instantly through the schema-on-read framework.

With Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, Data Integration and Big Data developers can continuously implement integration pipelines, see data in action with the live preview feature and run these pipelines either on-premises or on the cloud.


Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer is not activated by default in your Talend Cloud account. To activate it, an administrator user must connect to Talend Cloud Management Console and assign Pipeline Designer roles to users. For more information on these specific roles, see the Talend Cloud Management Console documentation.

Users with a Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer trial account have the possibility to contact a Talend agent from inside Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer through the in-product chat that you can open by clicking the icon on the top toolbar.

Important: To fully benefit from Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer features and experience, you need to enable WebSockets on your company network. Check if your browser supports WebSockets at the following address: https://websocketstest.com/.