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Guided tour and demo content A guided tour and demo content are now embedded in Talend Cloud Data Stewardship. The guided tour helps you discover the key elements and functions in the application, and the demo content helps you get started quickly.
Word-based pattern profiling In addition to a character-based approach, you can now analyze the patterns of your data at the "word" level. Word-based patterns are more coarse-grain than character-based patterns, which makes it easier to spot outliers for any data that doesn't respect a strict format. Consequently, switching between character-based and word-based patterns lets you easily highlight data quality issues.
Full search on tasks You can now filter tasks from a search box in Talend Cloud Data Stewardship, so you can list and focus only on some specific tasks and prioritize your work accordingly. You can search within all the tasks of a given campaign, both on data and metadata.
Smarter survivorship functions You can provide a trust score per source record when creating Merging tasks. This score overrides the score you define at campaign creation, and helps provide greater visibility on how trustworthy your data is. You can also define survivorship rules for all the attributes of one or several golden records in the task list, making it faster and easier to define your golden records.
Mass actions on semantic types It is now possible to export, import or remove multiple semantic types so that you can promote, back up or reset your projects in just two clicks.