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Merging of Talend Integration Cloud into Talend Cloud Management Console All the features previously available in Talend Integration Cloud have been merged into Talend Cloud Management Console.

This includes executing, scheduling, and monitoring Tasks and Plans, and the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) features.

Talend Cloud Management Console also now manages API Services Jobs.

For more details, see the video Talend Management Console - Fall '18 Release.

Continuous Integration (CI) for Data Services and Routes You can automatically build, test, and publish a Data Service or Route to Talend Cloud Management Console using standard CI tools and workflows.
Manage REST services from the Cloud and run in the Remote Engine

The Talend Runtime and Microservices Runtime can be set up for the Remote Engine, bringing numerous advantages. You can publish REST Data Services and Routes to Talend Cloud Management Console, either manually from Talend Studio or via Continuous Integration. You can deploy these published Data Services and Routes to the Remote Engine from Talend Cloud Management Console.

You can also gather and view logs, manage environments and promotions for Routes and Data Services in Talend Cloud Management Console.

New Roles in Talend Cloud Management Console The addition of the Environment Administrator, Infrastructure Administrator and Operator roles in Talend Cloud Management Console, together with the Project Administrator and Security Administrator roles that were previously available, provides greater granularity in defining user rights.
New Single Sign-On mechanism: OneLogin The range of Single Sign-On (SSO) options has been extended to include One Login.
Talend Cloud in APAC Delivery of Talend Cloud in a data center based in the APAC region means it is possible to comply with security policies that require data to be stored locally.

This data center has been available since October 2018.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=28553

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