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Feature Description
Magic Fill This new function allows you to define a pattern based on a handful of examples, and via a machine learning algorithm, apply the transformation on a whole column. The Magic Fill gives you many formatting possibilities, on any data type.
Enhanced profiling capabilities From the profiling area of your datasets, you can now access all the values of your charts and patterns, and not just the 15 first values. Which means that you can detect data quality issues by easily spoting low-frequency patterns in the data.
Auto-completion Editing a cell from a column which semantic type is based on a dictionary is now easier than before, with the addition of auto-completion. Choose from a list of suggested values to guarantee that your data follows the standard of your semantic types.
Deduplication In addition to the existing deduplication function that can be applied on the whole table, you can now apply a deduplication operation based on the values of one or more columns, giving you more control on which rows you want to delete.
Table functions Some functions that were previously only available to apply on columns, can now be used on the whole table in a single action, making formatting operations even more efficient:
  • Change date format
  • Format numbers
  • Search and replace
New Japanese calendar Date functions now take into account the latest Japanese era, meaning that you can correctly convert dates to and from the Japanese calendar.
Hybrid deployment Talend Data Preparation and Talend Dictionary Service are now available for hybrid deployment. By enabling this setup, enjoy the best of both Cloud and On-Premises worlds by keeping your sensitive data behind your firewall, while still managing your users and the rest of your platform from Talend Cloud.
REST API documentation You can now easily access all Talend Data Preparation REST API documentation based on swagger and run requests.