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Feature Description
Pipeline sharing You are now able to share your pipelines with multiple users that have the same administrator. This role-based sharing allows you to:
  • Control access to your pipeline.
  • Collaborate with your team.
New connectors New connectors to Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Blob Storage, Azure DLS Gen 2 have been added to extend Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer integration to Azure ecosystem. A new connector to Marketo complements the Business apps connectivity.
Trust score A new global quality indicator is available in Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer. It gives you an idea of the reliability of your data and takes into account several metrics like the dataset quality, the rating of the dataset, or the certification status.
In-product chat Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer users are now able to directly contact and get help from a Talend agent from inside the application through the new in-product chat.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=29381

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