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Release Notes

The R2020-03 Studio monthly update contains new features and bug fixes.

For more information about the bugs fixed in the R2020-03 Studio monthly update and the installation procedure, see Changelog for R2020-03.

The new features and bug fixes lists are for Talend Data Fabric. The exact content changes based on your license.

To obtain the Studio monthly update, you need to submit a request via Talend Support portal.

  • All Talend Studio clients connected to the same project must have the same monthly update installed. Updating a Studio connected to a project requires all the Studios connected to that project to be updated.
  • Before applying a patch, be sure to create a backup tag or a backup branch with the current Talend version.

The R2020-03 Studio monthly update introduces new features:



New Talend Studio installers You can download platform specific installers to install Talend Studio 7.3 on Windows Server, Linux and Mac environments.

Support for Azure AD authentication

Azure storage components now support Microsoft Azure Active Directory authentication.

Note: Azure Storage Table does not support Azure Active Directory authentication yet.