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Common inventory for Talend Cloud Data Inventory, Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer and Talend Cloud Data Preparation You can now benefit from a unified inventory of all datasets used across Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer and Talend Cloud Data Preparation. With a unified user experience through the different applications, data consumers can easily find and use the datasets published and shared by data producers.
Dataset detailed view This entry point to the dataset overview, sample and properties pages allows you to access all the relevant information on a given dataset. These view facilitates data discovery, curation and reuse with a fully automated way to inventory and profile any sources and targets. Understand at a glance the content of your dataset, its quality and who is using it.
Dataset provenance and destination See how your datasets are used. For any given dataset, you can now view a list of all the pipelines and preparations that have been created from it, along with their creator.
Semantic awareness When opening a dataset sample, the content is automatically analyzed and a semantic type is suggested so that you can instantly know what categories your data belong to. Semantic types can also be customized so that the data discovery reflects your business context.
Custom attributes You can create custom attributes to enrich your datasets with a structured and personalized metadata system. Adding context makes your data more meaningful and improves the searchability of datasets.
Faceted search You can now search for datasets based on any available metadata, such as custom attributes, tags, or the connection type. This helps data professionals cut the time it takes to find their datasets and understand their content.
Social curation For each dataset, a trust index, together with more detailed data quality ratings, are automatically calculated and can be refreshed at any time. Datasets can be certified by data owners and tagged by data consumers.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=31350

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