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Big Data



Hive components fail with log4j error Hive components no longer fail with a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/log4j/Logger error with the following distributions: Databricks 5.5 and Dataproc 1.4.
Job using tHDFSExist fails in Talend Management Console Jobs that use tHDFSExist with Hadoop configuration files centralized in the metadata connection now run successfully in Talend Management Console with Talend Remote Engine.
Sqoop job failing with exception Unknown dataset URI pattern There is no longer an exception error when using tSqoopImport to import data in parquet file format from Oracle to HDFS with tHiveConnection.
hive-exec-shade-2.1.1-cdh6.1.1-talend.jar not found in talend update site for dynamic distribution The path to the required libraries to configure a dynamic distribution with Cloudera 6.3 with the R2020-05_v7.3.1 patch has been fixed.
Change in behavior of iterating fields using tHiveInput The behavior of tHiveInput has been fixed, so that this component iterates over the fields of a schema in version 7.3 in the same way as it does in version 7.1. As a result, the compatibility between these versions is maintained.

Data Mapper



Problem with camel headers when cJMS and cMap are used Calls to the Collectors.toMap have been replaced to avoid errors due to headers with null values.
DatabaseLookup creating new DataSources for each message on the ESB Routes using Talend Data Mapper with a DatabaseLookup function now reuse data sources instead of creating new ones.
tHMap: read/write to COBOL representation - "Decimal" with decimal places has wrong result The issue which caused decimals to be scaled twice has been fixed.
Need to regenerate projectProps when GIT pull The file .settings/com.oaklandsw.base.projectProps is now automatically generated on each Git pull to avoid conflicts.

Application Integration



TESB-29150 Context password for Microservice could not be used correctly when using Http Basic authentication

This issue is caused by password processing problem, not only with Microservice, but also in the Studio and Runtime. It is now fixed.

TESB-29280 Running Jobs with tESBConsumer component fails with NAMESPACE_ERR

This issue is caused by an attempt to create or change an object in a way that is incorrect with regard to namespaces. It is now fixed.

TESB-29315 Building Jobs in a P2 repository using Continuous Integration failed

This issue is caused by the missing of osgihelper-maven-plugin in Continuous Integration Zero-Installation mode, which is now fixed.