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Platform support



Internet Explorer 11 Internet Explorer 11 support is deprecated.

Big Data: new features



Support for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) When you configure a connection to a Hadoop cluster, you can select Cloudera CDP 7.1.1. You can also add and use the dynamic distributions of CDP Private Cloud Base 7.x.

The CDP integration in Talend Studio includes a new dependency management system that improves the performance of your Jobs at runtime.

CDP supports the following elements:
  • Data Integration components:
    • Sqoop
    • Impala
tAzureFSConfiguration: new properties provided in the Basic settings view with the Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 When you configure a connection with tAzureFSConfiguration running in the Spark Streaming or Spark Batch Job frameworks, you can now authenticate with your Azure AD credentials.
Using a Hadoop configuration file with Spark Streaming Jobs You can connect Spark Streaming Jobs to a Hadoop cluster using a configuration JAR file. You specify the path to this file either in the Spark Configuration of the Job or in the Hadoop cluster configuration. This option is only available for Yarn cluster on non-Cloud distributions. Optionally, you can contextualize this connection parameter to automatically connect to the right cluster based on the environment in which you run the Job.
tBigQueryBulkExec: new property provided The tBigQueryBulkExec component provides the Credential type property which allows you to authenticate to your project using either the Service account option or with the HMAC key option.

tS3Configuration: new property provided in the Basic settings view for Spark Batch Jobs

When you use the SSE-KMS encryption service enabled on AWS, you can now specify the KMS key ID of the customer managed CMK you want to use for the encryption.

Data Integration: new features



Secure password parameters With the R2020-07 Talend Studio patch, password type context parameters are treated more securely than before. Previously, the value of the password parameter was handled as a string, visible to all users with the correct workspace permissions. With this patch, the parameter value is treated as confidential information.
To use this feature:
  1. Add the R2020-07 patch to Talend Studio.
  2. Publish an artifact with a password type context parameter to Talend Cloud Management Console.
  3. If it is not set automatically, update the tasks to use the latest version of the published artifact.
The password parameter's value will become encrypted.

To request this patch, contact Talend support.

Title bar improvement The release name for the patch on the title bar of Talend Studio has been updated.

tBigQueryBulkExec: new option provided

The tBigQueryBulkExec component provides the Use custom null marker option, which prevents errors caused by fields with null values.

Option removed

The Move to the current directory option is not necessary and is thus removed. Components involved: tFTPGet, tFTPPut, tFTPFileList, tFTPDelete, tFTPFileExist, tFTPFileRname, and tFTPTruncate.

tFTPRename: exact filenames required

The Filemask column in the Files field changes to Filename, which requires exact filenames.

tJDBCSCDELT: support for SCD type 0

tJDBCSCDELT now supports SCD type 0 for Exasol, Mysql, MSsql, Oracle, Postgresql, and Snowflake.

tVerticaBulkExec: using an existing dynamic schema

The tVerticaBulkExec component can now use the dynamic schema generated by a tSetDynamiSchema component.

tRedshiftUnload: support for Apache Parquet files

The tRedshiftUnload component can now unload data to Apache Parquet files.

tAmazonEMRManage: new Amazon EMR cluster version supported

The tAmazonEMRManage component supports Amazon EMR cluster version 5.29.0.

EXA components renamed

EXA components were renamed. The following gives the details.

  • tEXABulkExe was renamed as tExasolBulkExec;
  • tEXAClose was renamed as tExasolClose;
  • tEXACommit was renamed as tExasolCommit;
  • tEXAConnection was renamed as tExasolConnection;
  • tEXAInput was renamed as tExasolInput;
  • tEXAOutput was renamed as tExasolOutput;
  • tEXARollback was renamed as tExasolRollback;
  • tEXARow was renamed as tExasolRow.
tGoogleDataprocManage: new option provided The tGoogleDataprocManage component provides the Internal IP only option which allows you to configure all instances in the cluster to have only internal IP addresses.
tGSConnection: new authentication type The tGSConnection component provides the Credential type property which allows you to authenticate to your project using either with the Service account option or with the HMAC key option.
This property is also available for all other Google Storage components such as tGSDelete, tGSGet, tGSList, tGSCopy, tGSPut, tGSBucketCreate, tGSBucketList, tGSBucketDelete and tGSBucketExist.
tGSBucketCreate: new region for bucket creation The tGSBucketCreate component provides the ASIA region for bucket creation when selecting Service account as the credential type.

Data Mapper: new features



Merge option in tHConvertFile The tHConvertFile component has a new option which allows you to merge the part files created when using a large input file.

Data Quality: new features



Referenced project The main project detects when you have made some changes in the referenced project.