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Big Data



Spark job does not work under CDP7.1.x with Kerberos

The issue with Yarn client if Job server was not used and a particular group of jars were sent when they should not be has been resolved.

Unable to build BD Streaming Job

Building Spark Streaming Jobs when migrating from version 6.5 to version 7.3 using MapR 6.0.1 as a custom distribution now works successfully.

Compilation error with migrated Job

The compilation error "String literal is not properly closed by a double-quote" that appears when migrating from version 6.4 to version 7.3 has ben solved with an intermediate migration to a lower 7.x version.

tFileOutputDelimited applies trim operation but should not

The issue that caused tFileOutputDelimited to apply a trim operation with its new implementation has been solved for backward compatibility.

Spark UI problem (org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.ServletContainer.service)

When running a Spark Streaming Job with CDH 6.3.3 dynamic distribution, the error generated in the Executors tab of the Spark UI has been resolved. Creating a new dynamic distribution after applying the patch helped to avoid errors.

Data Integration



Performance issue at Talend Studio startup Talend Studio startup performance has been improved through:
  • performing validation checks only on the patches that have not been installed
  • removing the unnecessary check of each plugin when validating the license
  • searching on the Nexus server configured for user library and sharing libraries when two different Nexus servers are configured for user library and software update in Talend Administration Center

Application Integration



TESB-28966 The cMQTT component does not consume messages from ActiveMQ topics that are published before the client starts up.

The issue is fixed with the cleanSession and clientId parameters added in the cMQTT component.

TESB-29126 Specifying a SimpleAuthorizingFilter in a cRest component does not work anymore

This issue is fixed by giving control of the providers parameter in the advanced settings of the cREST component to the customer.

TESB-29278 When a service with the Swagger feature enabled in the tRESTXXX component is deployed to Talend Runtime, the Swagger UI does not get updated.

This issue is caused by a bug in the Apache CXF Swagger feature which is now fixed.

TESB-29457 After migration from Talend Studio5.5.1 to 7.1.1, the Web service Job returns a different response code from the tRESTResponse component.

This issue is now fixed.

TESB-29613 When the Use PooledConnectionFactory option is enabled in the cMQConnectionFactory component, the number of connections between the Routes and ActiveMQ is excessive high.

This issue is now fixed.

TESB-29751 RCP style operations are not supported in cSOAP.

RCP style operations are now supported.

TESB-29903 ClassCastException: net.minidev.json.JSONArray occurrs with Routes deployed in Talend Runtime

This issue is now fixed.