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Big Data: new features



Support of Databricks 6.4 Databricks 6.4 is now supported on AWS (as technical preview) and on Azure.
Using SQL queries with tDeltaLakeInput The Query option is now available. It allows you to use an SQL query to retrieve the data.
tS3Configuration usage rule change You can now add several tS3Configuration components to Spark Streaming or Spark Batch Jobs. It allows you to use multiple S3 buckets in your Jobs, and therefore move data from one bucket to another.
In-transit encryption provided for tS3Configuration When you use the SSE-KMS encryption in the tS3Configuration component, you can now choose wether data is encrypted in-transit or not.
Note: The in-transit encryption option is selected by default.
Using generic and specific arguments with Sqoop components You can use generic and specific arguments with the following Sqoop components:
  • tSqoopExport
  • tSqoopImport
  • tSqoopImportAllTables
Authenticating with service account on Google Dataproc distribution The tHiveInput component provides the Authentication type property which allows you to authenticate to your project using either the service account or the Access Key and Secret Key.
New default filesystem for tS3Configuration S3N is now deprecated. For this reason, the S3A filesystem becomes the filesystem used by default by tS3Configuration.

Data Integration: new features



Git conflict resolution enhancement Talend Studio now supports comparing the conflicted items for the following types of metadata connection in EMF compare editor:
  • JDBC
  • Azure Storage
  • Data Stewardship
  • Google Drive
  • Marketo
  • MarkLogic
  • Salesforce
  • Snowflake
Logging of performances enhancement Talend Studio login performance data can now be collected and exported via the Help > Support Logs menu item.

SAP data extraction performance improved

Streaming mode is provided for SAP data extraction, which supports multiple threads and improves data extraction performance. This is implemented by replacing the SAP transport TEDK910058.zip with TEDK910105.zip. The streaming mode provides three new parameters for configuring streaming mode: #feature.streaming.threadCount, #feature.streaming.topic.partitionCount, and #feature.streaming.topic.replicationFactor; and the following three options are added to the tSAPTableInput and the tELTSAPMap componrnts: Number of threads to extract the data from SAP, Kafka topic partition count, and Max time to wait for more data. To extract data in the streaming mode, you need also to upgrade your RFC server using the patch provided here.

tAmazonRedshiftManage enhanced

The tAmazonRedshiftManage can now pause and resume a Redshift cluster.

tTeradataTPTExec and tTeradataTPTUtility enhanced

The two components provide the Enforce database name on Log, Work, and Error tables option, allowing you to specify a database other than the default for the work table, the error table, and the log table.

tPetals components deprecated

Two components, tPetalsInput and tPetalsOutput, are deprecated.

Schema keys used for Upsert operations

In addition to schema columns, schema keys can also be used for Upsert operations. Components involved:

  • tSnowflakeOutput
  • tSnowflakeBulkExec
  • tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec
New components available: Delta Lake components and RabbitMQ components

The following components are new for the Standard Job framework in this release.

  • tDeltaLakeClose
  • tDeltaLakeConnection
  • tDeltaLakeInput
  • tDeltaLakeOutput
  • tDeltaLakeRow
  • tRabbitMQInput
  • tRabbitMQOutput

Delta Lake connection metadata wizard

The wizard guides you through the steps of creating Delta Lake connection metadata in Talend Studio.

tDatasetInput and tDatasetOutput: configuration simplified

tDatasetInput and tDatasetOutput: the Platform drop-down list in the Advanced settings view was dropped.

Neo4J version 4.x components in Studio

tNeo4Jv4Input and tNeo4jv4Output are now available in Talend Studio for Standard Jobs.

Data Mapper: new features



New functions Two new functions have been added to Talend Data Mapper:
  • FormatDateTime allows you to convert a DateTime element to a string with a specific pattern.
  • RightAlign allows you to specify that text in a string should be aligned to the right in an output flat file.
Java Reflection preference for tHMap A new preference in Components Preferences allows you to disable the use of Java Reflection in the code generated by the tHMap component.