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Big Data



Compilation issue in MapR 61 BD Streaming Job - MEP 6.1.0

The compilation error "Cannot instantiate type table" when migrating from Studio 6.5 to 7.3.1 and importing 7.3.1 Jobs with MapR 6.1.0 has been resolved.

Generated code empty with tUnite being used in Spark Streaming Job

The issue that brokes the Spark Streaming Job when a tUnite component was used has been resolved.

tHiveInput with DataProc 1.4 in DI: no rows retrieved

tHiveInput now successfully retrieved and printed all rows with Google DataProc distribution.

tFileInputDelimited (BD Batch) - Context Value in Header property is ignored

When you use tFileInputDelimited in a Spark Batch Job, contextualized values used for the Header field are now considered.

Issue with precision in tHiveOutput

The issue with the precision when the Sort columns alphabetically check box was not checked has been fixed. The precision is now taken into account.

Application Integration



Continuous Integration fails to build SOAP services with -pl option.

The Maven -pl option is now supported in the context of SOAP services.

When using the CommandLine publishRoute command and the -g parameter to build a Route with tTalendJob that calls a Data Integration Job, the Route and the Job will be uploaded into the Nexus artifact repository at different locations.

This issue has been fixed. Now both the Route and the Job are built with group ID that is set with the -g option .

The datasource that has been created in Talend Runtime in Data Integration Job that gets called by Route cannot be utilized with database credentials blank.

This issue has been fixed.