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Big Data



java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/hadoop/fs/FSDataInputStream

This issue has been fixed by updating default value of SPARK_YARN_APPLICATION_CLASSPATH. It is now referencing the environment variables.

After applying the 7.3.1 patch, the log4j1 routine dependency use the wrong log4j version (log4j2)

The BigDataUtil system routine was wrongly setup with log4j2, even with projects on log4j1. This issue has been fixed by adding the log4j2 dependency only if the project is set up with log4j2. The dependency will be removed if the project is set up with log4j1.

tHiveInput in DI has authentication type for all distributions

This issue has been fixed, the Authentication type now appears when you use the tHiveInput component with Google Cloud Dataproc only.

Failed to run Spark Batch Job with CDH 6.1 lightweight on Linux

This issue has been fixed, you can now use lightweight dependencies with CDH 6.1 both on Linux and Windows.

Data Integration



Maven index issue for the components which allow to configure library modules (e.g., tLibraryLoad) The components now keep the Maven URI instead of the module name for the libraries they depend on.

Data Mapper



Error when reverting a local branch The issue causing an error and making Talend Studio unusable after reverting a local branch to its previous state has been fixed.

Application Integration



Incorrect artifact version of the Job in the job.xml inside the Job Jar file if the Job is called and published from a Route to Nexus

This issue is caused as the Maven target repository is not cleaned correctly. It has been fixed.

Incorrect Route version in Talend Runtime after sequential publish from Talend Studio

This issue has been fixed.