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Release Notes

New features

Feature Description
Debugging Job runs If a manually triggered Job task execution fails or it is terminated, you can run the Job again in debug mode to identify possible bugs.
Audit logs New event type has been added to the audit logs. This new event type includes a wide range of operations such as creating a task, updating a plan or publishing an artifact.
Deleting Job run profiles If you need a delete a run profile associated with an engine or cluster with runs still scheduled on it, now you can choose to either reschedule them without using a run profile (with the default Job or engine settings) or select another run profile (if there are others associated with the engine or cluster).

Bug fixes

These fixes are linked to internal issues, therefore not visible for users outside Talend.

Issue Description
TMC-22927 The default values are restored in the Advanced parameters section of the task after the artifact is republished to Talend Cloud Management Console.
TMC-22866 Some tasks are displayed twice on the Tasks and plans list.
TMC-22832 Task tags disappear after logging out and in again.
TMC-22629 Tasks remain in Running status after Talend Remote Engine is shut down.
TMC-21967 Tasks lose the update option in the target environment after promotion.
TMC-21658 Task name is not visible on the Operations page.
TMC-15442 Receiving Failed to retrieve used artifacts and Failed to fetch artifact details errors when opening the artifact details page.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=28553

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