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Platform compatibility



Display issues on MacOS Big Sur Several display issues occuring when Talend Studio is installed on MacOS Big Sur have been fixed.

Data Mapper



Empty element used as parameter Talend Data Mapper no longer returns an error when an element used as a parameter in a Java function does not have a value.
DataSource and associated pool are not closed when route is stopped The issue causing connection pools to stay opened after closing a Route with a DatabaseLookup function has been solved.

Application Integration



A context parameter used in a cDelayer component causes error when executing the Route.

Context parameters can now be used in cDelayer without errors.

Compile error occurs when a value set in a Bean class is used in the Endpoint field of the cREST component.

The compilation error has been resolved.

tRestClient call doesn't return anything when the response is HTTP 202 and skips remaining requests.

tRestClient can now receive HTTP 202 response and return the response to the components after it.

After published to Talend Cloud, Job with context of password type fails to run in the Studio with NullPointer exception.

All context parameters with password type are explicitly cleared when the Job is published to cloud. It has been fixed.