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Feature Description
API versioning support in Talend Cloud API Designer This new feature allows you to manage your API life cycle by working with multiple versions of an API:
  • You can create new versions of an API definition while maintaining older versions.
  • A new homepage gives you more visibility on your APIs and their versions.
  • The filename for API definitions exported manually or using the push to GitHub feature now contain the API name and version, as well as the selected format, contacts-api-1.0-openapi30.json for example.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=29384

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Feature Description
Enhancements to the Management API of Talend Cloud API Designer
More fields such as version and apiId have been added to the following endpoints of the API:
  • /api-definitions
  • /api-definitions/{id}
  • /api-definitions/{id}/metadata

In addition, the error management of your API life cycle has been enhaced because of these updates.

For more information about this public management API, see the reference documentation available on https://apid.<data_center>.cloud.talend.com/api/docs/.