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New features

Feature Description
Audit logs New events have been added to the Configuration event type, such as an update in the notification settings in Talend Cloud Management Console or the generation of a secret pair in Talend Cloud Data Preparation or Talend Cloud Data Stewardship.

For more details about the audit log events, see Monitoring events via Audit logs on Cloud applications

Creating pipeline tasks, plans, and Remote Engine Gen2 To help organize your pipeline objects, you can now create pipeline tasks, plans that include pipeline steps, and Remote Engine Gen2 in any environment or workspace where you have the necessary permissions.
Promoting pipelines In order to ease the implementation of a complete SDLC process, the expanded promotion functionality allows you to promote pipeline artifacts, tasks, plans, and Remote Engine Gen2s from one environment to another.

Bug fixes

These fixes are linked to internal issues, therefore not visible for users outside Talend.

Issue Description
TMC-23416 The resource does not have a value after task promotion.
TMC-23320 The Talend Runtime version is not displayed in Talend Cloud Management Console when a Talend Remote Engine is created via API.
TMC-22795 If there is a huge amount of artifact/task/plan to analyze during promotion, the analysis fails with timeout error.
TMC-21447 The same plan in different environments shows an incorrect status.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=28553

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