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Feature Description
API Portal The following updates to the API Portal feature are now available:
  • GitHub users can automatically deploy their API portal on GitHub Pages.
  • You can download the API Portal Starter Kit and your API documentation to create a portal with another Git provider.
  • The API Portal configuration file has been updated to simplify integration with AWS Amplify.
  • You can now reset your GitHub settings to restart your API Portal configuration.
  • You can easily customize your API portal's landing page.
  • A new version of the theme can be downloaded from the Talend Cloud Downloads page. It contains some display and layout fixes, including layout improvements for different screen resolutions and for custom pages.

    For more details, download the new version and see CHANGELOG.md.

Try in API Tester The Try in API Tester feature now automatically creates an environment in Talend Cloud API Tester with variables based on the endpoint and security schemes specified in your API definition. This allows you to easily switch from one environment to another.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=29384

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