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New features and improvements

Feature Description
URL allowlisting for AWS regions For the AWS regions, the URLs to be used by Accelerate Publish have been changed. These URLs now become
  • AWS US: https://minio.us.cloud.talend.com
  • AWS EU: https://minio.eu.cloud.talend.com
  • AWS APAC: https://minio.ap.cloud.talend.com

For more information about the URLs to be added to your allowlist, see Adding URLs to your proxy and firewall allowlist.

New role

The new Campaign Operator role grants permission to integrate data into Talend Cloud Data Stewardship via Talend Studio, Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer or Talend APIs whilst limiting the access to Talend Cloud Data Stewardship interface.

Rerun plan from a step To save time and effort in troubleshooting, it is now possible to run a failed plan again from a selected step. You can select either to rerun all the tasks in the step, or just the failed ones. All other steps will be executed in a sequential order.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=28553

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