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Big Data: new features



Support of policy with Databricks transient clusters

You can now provide a policy when you create transient clusters with Databricks distribution. Using a policy allows you to limit the ability to configure clusters based on a set of rules. These rules limit the attributes or attribute values available for cluster creation.

Support of properties in tS3Configuration used in Joblets

When you use tS3Configuration inside Joblets, all the properties that are available in Jobs are now available in Joblets too with all distributions.
Note: The Bucket name property is now optional in tS3Configuration and can be defined in any input or output components respecting the format S3://bucketpath/ format.

Support of connection properties in Snowflake components

You can now set connection properties for the following Snowflake components:
  • tSnowflakeConfiguration
  • tSnowflakeInput
  • tSnowflakeOutput
Note: The properties set in tSnowflakeConfiguration are propagated to the input and output components but the properties set in the input or output components are not propagated.

Data Integration: new features



Further enhancement of code dependency management
  • You can now add a global user routine with its dependencies into a custom routine jar by copying it into the custom routine jar instead of assigning it to the custom routine jar.
  • The performance for building Jobs when using custom routine jars has been improved.
Support of Greenplum driver for Greenplum metadata wizard Greenplum metadata wizard now provides a new Db Version drop-down list with two items Greenplum and PostgreSQL.

Snowflake JDBC driver updated

The Snowflake JDBC driver updated to version 3.13.1.

Using client certificate for establishing FTP connections

Client certificate can be used for establishing FTP connections with FTPS support. The components which support the feature are: tFTPConnection, tFTPDelete, tFTPFileExist, tFTPFileList, tFTPFileProperties, tFTPFileGet, tFTPPut, tFTPRename, tFTPTruncate.

tSalesforceInput: option for specifying parent object provided

The tSalesforceInput provides the Specify the parent object option, which helps improve bulk query performance.

tSalesforceInput: Include deleted records available to all query modes

The Include deleted records option is available in all the query modes. (In previous releases, the option is only available in the Query mode.)

tWorkdayInput: new authentication mode supported

tWorkdayInput provides a new authentication mode: SOAP - Login authentication mode.

FTP components: two-factor authentication mode supported

FTP components support two-factor authentication when connecting to SFTP servers. The components which support the feature are: tFTPConnection, tFTPDelete, tFTPFileExist, tFTPFileList, tFTPFileProperties, tFTPGet, tFTPPut, tFTPRename, tFTPTruncate.

Snowflake components: Region ID marked as deprecated

The region ID setting has been deprecated by Snowflake. For backward compatibility, Snowflake components provide the Region ID field and mark the field as deprecated.

Salesforce components: mutual authentication supported

Salesforce components support mutual authentication for establishing connections to Salesforce. The components which support the feature are: tSalesforceBulkExec, tSalesforceConnection, tSalesforceGetDeleted, tSalesforceGetServerTimestamp, tSalesforceGetUpdated, tSalesforceInput, tSalesforceOutput, tSalesforceOutputBulkExec.

S3 components: using Web identity token for connection authentication

S3 components can use Web identity token to establish connections to Amazon S3.The components which support the feature are: tS3BucketCreate, tS3BucketDelete, tS3BucketExist, tS3BucketList, tS3Connection, tS3Copy, tS3Delete, tS3Get, tS3List, tS3Put.

SAP transport package updated

The SAP transport package TEDK910105.zip updated to T7EK900200.zip.

New component available: tNetSuiteV2019Connection

The tNetSuiteV2019Connection component creates a connection to a NetSuite SOAP server by leveraging NetSuite v2019 features so that other NetSuite V2019 components in the Job can reuse the connection.

Data Mapper: new features



Multi-output flattening map The flattening map feature has been improved to allow you to create a map with multiple outputs. You can select the elements in the input structure that should be used as outputs.

Data Quality: new features



tBRMS You can now use Jar files from all branches, main and other branches. This new feature allows you to use Jar files that are not deployed on the main branch, e.g, files from previous versions.

Continuous Integration: new features



Build log information Additional real-time Talend CommandLine log information is now provided by default in the build server output when building or scheduling the execution of Jobs. This information allows you to know precisely where and when potential build issues occurred.