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Big Data: new features



Support of AWS EMR 6.2.x with Spark 3.0

You can now run Spark Batch, Spark Streaming and Standard Jobs on AWS EMR 6.2.x with Spark 3.0.
Important: As it is a beta feature only, it is not suitable for production environment.
Note: There are known issues for this feature related to the following components:
  • HBase (for Spark Batch and Spark Streaming Jobs)
  • Hive (for Standard, Spark Batch and Spark Streaming Jobs)
  • Sqoop (for Standard Jobs)

Support of CDP Public Cloud Data Hub on Azure

You can now configure a CDP Public Cloud Data Hub instance on Azure on Cloudera Management Console to run your Job on a remote JobServer in Talend Studio.
Important: As it is a beta feature only, it is not suitable for production environment.

Data Integration: new features



Git branches list enhancement
  • The last selected branch, if any, now appears as the default one in the Branch field of the Studio login window.
  • A new item > Click for more remote branches... has been added in the Branch drop-down menu of the Studio login window when opening a project that has more than ten branches and tags. This allows you to search and select a remote branch or a tag in a dialog box.
  • The order of branches and tags in the Branch drop-down menu of the Studio login window, the drop-down menu in the Studio Repository tree view, and the Remote branches dialog box has been improved.
Docker support improvement Talend Studio now supports any Docker registry when publishing a Job as a Docker image, for example, JFrog Artifactory Docker registry.
Enhancement of the Outline view A button has been added on the toolbar of the Outline view in Talend Studio. Selecting a tree view node in the Outline view and then clicking the button can direct you to the actual related item on the design workspace.
Move of the Allow specific characters (UTF8,...) for columns of schemas option The Allow specific characters (UTF8,...) for columns of schemas option has been moved from the Talend > Specific Settings view in the Preference dialog box to the General view in the Project Settings dialog box.
Note: This option is disabled by default after installing the R2021-05 Studio monthly update or a later one provided by Talend, even if it was previously enabled.
Support of Sonatype Nexus 3.30 Sonatype Nexus 3.30 is now supported.

SCP components: new key algorithms

SCP components now support new key algorithms. Click here for a full list of supported key algorithms.

SAP transport package updated

The SAP transport package TEDK910156.zip now takes the place of TEDK910105.zip.

tSalesforceBulkExec: new file format supported

The tSalesforceBulkExec supports the JSON file format. It can now load data from JSON files.

tS3List: new global variables provided

The tS3List provides the following new global variables:


tS3Copy and tS3Put: multipart threshold customizable

You can specify the multipart threshold for tS3Copy and tS3Put.

tS3Connection: options can be made dynamic

Three tS3Connection options can be added as dynamic settings in the Dynamic settings view. You can then set these options using context variables.

tSnowflakeOutput: Die on error option provided

The tSnowflakeOutput component provides the Die on error option, allowing you to choose whether to kill the Job when an error occurs.

tJDBCRow: option for error detection

The tJDBCRow component provides the Detect error on multiple statements option, which, when selected, stops the Job execution when detecting an error caused by a SQL query statement.

tFileFetch: parameter encoding option

The tFileFetch component now provides the Encoding for parameters option, which allows you to specify character encoding for POST method parameters.

New component available: tNeo4jv4Row

This release provides tNeo4jv4Row, which executes multiple Cypher query statements onto a Neo4J version 4 database in a single transaction.

Support of MongoDB 4.4 API when managing NoSQL metadata

You can now create a connection to a MongoDB database with Mongo DB 4.4 version.

Data Quality: new features



Redundancy Analysis enhancement A Ignore Null check box has been added in the Analyzed Column Sets area for the Redundancy Analysis.
tRuleSurvivorship enhancement A t-Swoosh check box has been added in the Advanced settings view of the tRuleSurvivorship component.