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Big Data: new features



Knox configuration in the Hadoop Cluster Connection metadata wizard You can now add Knox metadata during the manual configuration of your Hadoop Cluster when you use a CDP Public Cloud Data Hub instance for your Spark Jobs in YARN cluster and HDFS modes. The Use Knox check box is now available in the wizard.

Setting up the connection to Knox in the Repository allows you to avoid configuring that connection each time you need it in the Spark Configuration view of your Spark Jobs. The parameters under the Use Knox check box are automatically filled.

Important: As it is a beta feature only, it is not suitable for production environment.
Support of Dataset API for tPartition and tMap components Following the APIs migration of components from RDD (Resilient Distributed Dataset) to DS (Dataset), the following components now support Dataset API with Spark 2.0 and onwards in local mode when running Spark Batch Jobs:
  • tPartition
  • tMap
The migration of components from RDD to DS improves performance.

Data Integration: new features



Support of copying items from a remote branch or a tag

Talend Studio now allows you to copy items from a remote branch or a tag to the branch you are currently working on.

Support of configuring screenshot generation

For a Git managed project, a Do not create or update screenshots for Jobs, Joblets, Routes and Routelets check box is now available on the General view in the Project Settings dialog box, which allows you to enable or disable screenshot creation or update when creating or updating Jobs, Joblets, Routes and Routelets.

Improvement of the metadata wizards

The error messages displayed before and after clicking the Test connection button in the following seven metadata wizards have been improved:

  • Azure Storage
  • Data Stewardship
  • Google Drive
  • Marketo
  • MarkLogic
  • Salesforce
  • Snowflake

Enhancement of the Schema editor of database components

This beta feature introduced in the R2021-06 monthly release is now official.

Custom headers in HTTP requests

The tMicrosoftCrmInput and tMicrosoftCrmOutput components provide the Custom headers field, allowing you to insert header-value pairs to HTTP requests, so as to achieve specific purposes.

This field is available for Microsoft CRM ON-PREMISE 2016, ONLINE 2016, and ONLINE 2018.

Retrieving data from new or updated entities

The tMicrosoftCrmOutput component provides the Return representation option. This option inserts the return=representation preference to HTTP requests, which requests data from new or updated entities. A new drop-down list, the Output column drop-down list, is provided for you to select a column to hold the retrieved data.

This field is available for Microsoft CRM ON-PREMISE 2016, ONLINE 2016, and ONLINE 2018.

tOracleOutput: support for BLOB values of different databases

The tOracleOutput component provides the Write BLOB values from a different DB option, allowing for outputting BLOB values from a database other than the current database.

tRunJob: specifying context variable group dynamically and specifying extra classpaths

The tRunJob component provides the following two new options:

  • Use dynamic context for subJob, allowing you to specify a context variable group dynamically for the subJobs using a variable.
  • Use extra classpath for subJob, allowing you to specify extra classpaths for subJobs.

S3 components: a new way for obtaining AWS security credentials provided

S3 components provide the Profile credentials or inherit from AWS role option in the Credential Provider drop-down list. The new option specifies to use credentials stored in a profile configuration file as the AWS security or inherit AWS security credentials from the AWS role. The Profile config file path and Profile name fields are also provided for you to specify the profile configuration file and the profile to be used.

Components affected: tS3BucketCreate, tS3BucketDelete, tS3BucketExist, tS3BucketList, tS3Connection, tS3Copy, tS3Delete, tS3Get, tS3List, tS3Put.

tWebServiceInput: the capability of specifying the framework for invoking Web service methods

The tWebServiceInput component provides the API drop-down list. You can select the framework for invoking Web service methods from the drop-down list, thus avoiding security AXIS issues.

BigQuery components improvements: support of mutliple result sets and new variables When you use multiple queries, multiple result sets are now returned for the following components:
  • tBigQueryBulkExec
  • tBigQuerySQLRow
  • tBigQueryInput
  • tBigQueryOutput
You can also use the following new variables in the Query field to check the Job execution statistics:
  • STATISTICS_CHILD (only for tBigQuerySQLRow and tBigQueryInput)
  • ERROR_MESSAGE (only for tBigQuerySQLRow and tBigQueryInput)

Data Quality: new features



Data masking The following Social Security Number masking functions have been enhanced:
  • Mask French SSN number
  • Mask UK SSN number
  • Mask US SSN number
  • Mask Chinese SSN number
  • Mask Indian SSN number

They now check that the check bit is valid for the corresponding country.