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Release Notes

New features

Feature Description
Remote Engine notifications You can configure email notifications for yourself when the Remote Engine reaches a certain status. You can set up your notifications on either the Engines page, or the details page of the engine you want to monitor.
Log separation Log events about messages in Routes or requests in data services are now only in the log of the corresponding route or data service. Only frameworks events, e.g., adding or deleting a Route, are in all logs.

This feature is available from Remote Engine v2.10.5 and onwards.

Bug fixes

Some fixes are linked to internal issues, therefore not visible for users outside Talend.

Issue Description
TMC-24902 Multiple instances of tasks are running in parallel even though parallel execution is disabled.
TMC-24923 The Job fails randomly because of a NullPointerException.
TPOPS-808 Error message Unable to install task feature after restarting the Remote Engine.
TPOPS-1535 Security Administrator can see engine information even though they do not have the permissions.
TPOPS-1587 No Jobs are displayed in the new view of the Operations page.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=28553

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