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Installation and Upgrade
Release Notes
The R2021-12 Studio monthly release contains new features and bug fixes.

For more information about the bugs fixed in the R2021-12 Studio monthly release and the installation procedure, see changelog for R2021-12.

The new features and bug fixes lists are for Talend Data Fabric. The exact content changes based on your license.

You can either keep your Talend Studio up to date with the latest update or get this monthly update by setting the relevant URL in the Update settings view of your Studio preferences:

  • Latest: https://update.talend.com/Studio/8/updates/latest
  • This update: https://update.talend.com/Studio/8/updates/R2021-12

You can also submit a request via Talend Support portal to obtain any Studio update version and install it manually.

For more information about applying an update to Talend Studio, see Updating Talend Studio.