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Data Integration: new features



Popups about changes not pushed to Git remote repository Talend Studio now displays popup messages when you switch your project or workspace, or close or restart your Studio, while you have changes not pushed to the Git remote repository.
Improvement of error messages for Git operations

Talend Studio now displays more specific error messages for Git operations on a protected branch.

Upsert using the ON CONFLICT clause to enable batch size in tPostgresqlOutput

The tPostgresqlOutput provides the Upsert option in the Action on data drop-down list. This option insert a record or update an existing record using the PostgreSQL INSERT-ON CONFLICT statement. It integrates the insert operation and update in a single statement and provides far better performance comparing with the Insert or update and the Update or insert options. According to a comparison between the Upsert operation and Insert or update operation, the throughput of the Upsert operation with the batch mode can be 10 to 100 times higher (depending on the table size and the number of changes).

Configuration of query timeout in database components

A new option, Set Query Timeout (along with Timeout field), is provided, allowing you to set the timeout period for the query. The Job will be terminated if the query is timed out. This option is available in the following components.
  • tAS400Input, tAS400Output, tAS400Row
  • tJDBCInput, tJDBCOutput, tJDBCRow (shown as Use query timeout)
  • tMSSqlInput, tMSSqlOutput, tMSSqlRow
  • tSybaseInput, tSybaseOutput, tSybaseRow

ADSO data extraction through SAP JCO 3

The tSAPADSOInput component provides the SAP JCO 3 option and the related settings. You can now retrieve ADSO data using the tSAPADSOInput component through SAP JCO 3. This feature also provides the ability of extracting SAP ADSO service metadata.

This feature requires the SAP transport shipped with the patch.

Atlas URI connection and X.509 authentication in MongoDB components

The MongoDB components provide the Use connection string option, allowing you to establish connections using MongoDB Atlas URIs. Parameters not available on the GUI can now be freely configured in the URL. The MongoDB components also provide the X509 option in the Authentication mechanism drop-down list, which authenticates users using X.509 certificates.