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Installation and Upgrade
Release Notes

Talend Remote Engine v2.11.9 is now generally available.

Notable fixes

Issue Description


The script in the <RemoteEngineInstallation>/bin folder does not start and the following error message is returned:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/slf4j/LoggerFactory
TPOPS-3238 Some tasks fail to be deployed on remote engines and show the pending status permanently in Talend Cloud Management Console.
TPOPS-3316 In the logs, the value of the logType field becomes null.
TPRUN-2839 A data service task fails to be deployed on remote engines when the -D parameter of its JVM settings is using a variable in its value.
TPOPS-3247 Job execution fails on an engine with the following error:
Custom resources were not received in time

Security enhancements

Issue Description


The logging modules have switched from log4j to reload4j.
TPOPS-3270 The Apache Ant version used by the product has been upgraded to v1.10.12 to avoid the vulnerabilities reported in the following tickets:

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