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Release Notes

New features

Feature Description
New Cron trigger type You can now schedule the execution of your Job tasks and plans on a regular basis over a period of time using a Cron trigger.
Information on artifact version

When you publish from a Continuous Integration plugin, you can now see information on the artifact version in the artifact details page in Talend Cloud Management Console, including the GIT project name, branch, commit author, commit ID and commit date and time.

This feature is available only when you have installed the R2022-01 Studio Monthly update or a later one delivered by Talend.

Removal of Databricks and Big Data EMR run profiles The Databricks and Big Data Amazon EMR run profiles have been removed from Talend Cloud Management Console. Prior releases had these run profiles marked as deprecated.

Bug fixes

Some fixes are linked to internal issues, therefore not visible for users outside Talend.

Issue Description
TPOPS-2850 Error: can't fetch activities count

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