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Use Talend API service to get the observability metrics of your Data Integration tasks, running on a Cloud Engine. For further information, see Getting component metrics of task runs for performance monitoring.

The support for Remote Engine of this endpoint is for the EAP (Early Adopter Program) users only.

Note: Known limitation: this feature can only retrieve the metrics data generated within the first 3 hours since the Job start.
Method Endpoint Description Query parameters Body
GET /monitoring/observability/executions/{runId}/component Gets component metrics of a given task run.
  • limit: number of entries to return. The default value is 50 and the maximum value is 200
  • offset: the start position of the pagination of the entries, greater or equal to 0
  • sortBy: the field by which the returned entries are sorted. The default value is component_start_time_seconds.
  • sortOrder: the way in which the returned logs are sorted, desc or asc. The default value is desc, meaning the order is descending.

These parameters are all optional.