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A service account represents a non-human user entity that uses access tokens to authenticate to Talend Cloud and call a Talend service.

With service accounts, you are enabled to use the OAuth2 Client Credentials Flow for accessing Talend Cloud APIs.

The number of service accounts you can create depends on the number of Talend Cloud admin add-ons specified in your license. Each admin add-on allows you to create 3 service accounts. If you need more service accounts and thus more admin add-ons, contact your sales representative.

Service account endpoints

The account to be used to issue these API calls must have the Service Accounts - Manage permission or the Security Administrator role. The ID of the Service Accounts - Manage permission is TMC_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_MANAGEMENT.

Note that service accounts are supported only by the version-agnostic endpoints that are categorized in these new domains. It is recommended to migrate your version-related API requests to these new endpoints.

Operations Methods Resources
Retrieving a specific service account GET


Update a specific service account PUT


Delete a specific service account DELETE /account/service-accounts/<id>
Get a list of the existing service accounts GET /account/service-accounts
Create a service account POST /account/service-accounts
Get the total number of service accounts already created GET /account/service-accounts/count
Get the permissions available for granting to service accounts GET /account/service-accounts/permissions

Access these endpoints via and related use cases at