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New schedule endpoints have been created to help you manage up to 15 time-based triggers for a task or plan.

These new endpoints empower you to: 

  • directly define multiple triggers for a task or plan. You do not need to duplicate your tasks or plans for each of those triggers anymore.

  • simulate all the events to be triggered before applying a schedule to a task or plan
  • manage changes in a schedule without taking any risk upon your current executions
  • reuse and adapt existing schedules for other tasks or plans
  • avoid redundant trigger definitions and tight event frequency, including the bissextile years "effect"
  • protect against accidental deletion of a schedule when it is still used by a task or plan

For detailed use cases about how to use these endpoints with a task or a plan, see Using API to schedule task or plan runs.

Note that a schedule supports time triggers only. For this reason, a webhook trigger, which is merely event related, must be used as a separate option, that is to say, without being mixed with the time triggers.

Note: For the time being, multiple triggers are available through APIs only. Talend Cloud Management Console Web UI does not support multiple triggers yet. This support will be added to the Web UI in July.