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A timeout parameter is now available to help you automatically terminate task runs when their durations exceed intended timeframes.
You can set this parameter at two different levels to dynamically manage the timeout of your tasks:
  • Task configuration level: set in the PUT request to the /orchestration/executables/tasks/<taskId>/run-config endpoint. This timeout is added to the configuration of a task and thus applies on all the runs of this task.
  • Task execution level: set in the POST request to the /processing/executions endpoint. This timeout dynamically applies on the current task run only. It overrides the task configuration timeout if that task has one.
Note: When you set a timeout value, be aware that
  • Its accuracy is 10 seconds.
  • It is defined in minutes.
  • It applies only on Job tasks running on Remote Engine Gen1 v2.12.0 and onwards, Remote Engine Cluster and Cloud Engine.