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Big Data: new features



Support of Amazon EMR 6.6.0 and onwards with Spark Universal 3.2.x

You can now run your Spark Jobs on an Amazon EMR cluster using Spark Universal with Spark 3.2.x in Yarn cluster mode. You can configure it either in the Spark Configuration view of your Spark Jobs or in the Hadoop Cluster Connection metadata wizard.

When you select this mode, Talend Studio is compatible with Amazon EMR 6.6.0 and onwards versions.

Redshift components are not working with Amazon EMR 6.6.0 for the moment with the beta version of this feature.

Data Integration: new features



Support of external software installation on Talend Studio via the Help menu You can install some external plugins to Talend Studio via the Install wizard, which can be opened from the Help > Install External Software... menu.
Warning: Although you can install some external plugins to Talend Studio, Talend provides no guarantee that they can work.

For more information, see Installing external software to Talend Studio.

Simplified connection and read timeout settings The connection and read timeout settings in Talend Studio Preferences dialog box have been improved.
  • The name of the field for specifying the database connection timeout is changed from Connection timeout (seconds) to Database connection timeout (seconds).
  • When working on a remote connection, the name of the two fields for specifying the connection and read timeout are changed from Connection timeout with Administration Center (seconds) and Read timeout from Administration Center (seconds) to Default connection timeout (seconds) and Default read timeout (seconds) respectively.
  • The timeout for artifact repository connection is now specified via the Default read timeout (seconds) field, and the Timeout for artifact repository connection (ms) field on the Talend > Artifact Repository view is removed.

For more information, see Performance preferences.

Support of context and global variables in the map editor of tELTSAPMap

You can now use context variables and global variables in the map editor of tELTSAPMap.

tSendMail and tPOP: support of OAuth2 authentication

The tSendMail component and the tPOP component support OAuth2 authentication. This release also allows you to add custom properties when using these two components.

New option in Greenplum components to specify additional JDBC parameters

You can now specify additional JDBC parameters for Greenplum components.

tWorkdayInput: Workday Web services customizable in the SOAP - WS-security authentication mode

This release allows you to select the services to retrieve data from in the SOAP - WS-security authentication mode. You can also specify the operations and filters for the retrieved data.

Support of new COPY command parameters COMPUPDATE and STATUPDATE in tRedshiftBulkExec

You can now specify the COMPUPDATE and the STATUPDATE parameters of the COPY command for the tRedshiftBulkExec component.

Data Quality: new features



New cryptographic method You can now use a 256-bit key to encrypt or mask your data. This feature is available in:
  • tDataEncrypt/tDataDecrypt
  • tDataMasking/tDataUnmasking
  • tPatternMasking/tPatternUnmasking
The same key is required to decrypt or unmask the data.
In the encryption components, go to the Basic settings:
In the masking components, go to the Advanced settings:

Application Integration: new features



Support of Routes in the "Cloud Artifact" view

Routes are now supported in the "Cloud Artifact" view.

Continuous Integration: new features



Talend CI Builder upgraded to version 8.0.8 Talend CI Builder is upgraded from version 8.0.7 to version 8.0.8.

Use Talend CI Builder 8.0.8 in your CI commands or pipeline scripts from this monthly version onwards until a new version of Talend CI Builder is released.

Support of specifying an encryption key file for encryption key rotation when installing Talend CommandLine

You can now specify an encryption key file for rotating encryption keys using the -Dstudio.encryption.keys.file parameter when installing Talend CommandLine. In this way, the key configuration file is copied to the configuration folder under the Talend CommandLine installation directory, and you do not need to specify the path to the key configuration file at build time.

For more information, see Building and Deploying.