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Feature Description
Authentication via Tokens It is now possible to create personal access tokens for connecting to the Cloud API, instead of using usernames and password. Tokens are a common way of authenticating to APIs in order to execute machine workloads, and with the introduction of this feature they can be used to connect to Talend Studio (via Maven plugins) and to the Talend Cloud Data Preparation and Talend Cloud Data Stewardship applications.
Support the public API for deploying services In addition to manually deploying and undeploying Data Services and Routes to a Remote Engine in the Talend Cloud Management Console user interface, this new feature makes it possible to perform these actions through a public API as well. This enables Continuous Deployment use cases, where you can automate processes that previously had to be done manually, leading to more efficient and flexible DevOps for API development.
SSO and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) You can now enable Multi-factor Authentication to log in to Talend Cloud if you use Okta or OneLogin as SSO providers.
Tag management You can now create, read, update, and delete tags for Tasks in Talend Cloud Management Console, as well as assign and edit them. This makes it possible for you to group and search tasks using tags, making it easier for you to be more efficient and organized.
Pipeline artifacts and tasks You can now publish Pipeline artifacts created in Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer to Talend Cloud Management Console, where you can create tasks to execute them with different configuration settings.
Monitoring Pipelines You can monitor the Pipeline Task executions on the OPERATIONS page.
Creating Remote Engine Gen2 The Remote Engine Gen2 is a set of Talend services running in your chosen cloud environment or on premises, performing data discovery and data processing next to your data sources.
Creating run profiles for Pipelines You can create run profiles to configure the particular execution settings of your Pipeline Task when executing it on a Remote Engine Gen2.
Talend Remote Engine on AWS and Microsoft Azure marketplaces Talend Remote Engine is now available on the AWS and Microsoft Azure marketplaces. You can easily deploy a Remote Engine and have it running in a few clicks instead of downloading and installing it manually.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=28553

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