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Feature Description
API Gateway export modes The ability to export API definitions that are compatible with AWS API Gateway or Azure API Management simplifies the publication of API contracts to API gateways and helps increase developer productivity.
API design enhancements This release see some major enhacements to API design capabilities:
  • Data type composition (allOf): for example, an API operation that returns a 360º view of a customer which is an aggregation of the customer profile with the customer purchase history.
  • Data type polymorphism (anyOf, oneOf): for example, an API operation that can return either a dog or a cat.
  • The ability to document new security schemes such as OpenID Connect or JWT.
  • Reusable components: for example, you can create a component that describes how to paginate results, and then use it across the API.
  • Default response and status ranges: for example, for any error on this operation, a particular response is returned.
Enhancements such as data type composition, reusable components and default responses all help increase producivity, while polymorphism and the ability to document new security schemes provide greater expressivity and let API designers do more with the tool.
OpenAPI Specification (OAS) v3.0 support The ability to import and export API definitions in the OpenAPI Specification version 3.0, which was already available as a technical preview in Fall '18, has now been extended, with support of the newest version of the de-facto industry standard ensuring that APIs built with Talend remain compatible with 3rd-party API tools.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=29384

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