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Feature Description
Contract-based API designer Working with a productive visual user interface specifically designed for non-developers allows you to define APIs without learning languages like OAS and RAML.
API definition format support Support for a wide range of industry standards for API definition, including OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger Spec) and RAML, enables ecosystem interoperability, including API Gateways.

Talend Cloud API Designer supports OAS 3.0 as a beta feature. You can import, preview and export API definitions.

The ability to import existing APIs that use these formats also provides an easy migration path to Talend Cloud API Designer.

Hosted API documentation Automatically generating and hosting API documentation makes it easy to publish this documentation to different stakeholders and partners.
Automatic API mocking Mocking automatically simulates and hosts a synced version of your current API design, making it easier to get API consumers involved in validating API designs before the implementation phase. Mocks also allow you to start building your frontends and test suites before the backend is implemented.
API requests A visual and easy-to-use tool for debugging and discovering APIs lets you call any type of HTTP API (REST, SOAP and others) and inspect the responses.