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Feature Description
Live preview The real-time preview function on sample datasets with every transformation performed within the pipeline lets you see interactive data changes instantly and get a preview of what changes have been made to data.
Schema-on-read You can design pipelines without defining the schema of data. This lets you process, transform and enrich any kind of data without predefining the schema of the data, and make pipelines more resilient.
Unified batch and streaming pipeline You can build pipelines with the same designer tool and components, and it will work for both batch and streaming data. This eases the design of batch and streaming pipelines, converging integration capabilities and simplifying the complexity of using different tools for different types of work.
Custom code with Python You can write your own custom transformations using Python snippets, using an easy-to-use code editor within the pipeline. This brings greater flexibility for more advanced users. and the Live Preview feature makes coding quicker and easier.
Remote Engine Gen2 (on-premises/anywhere) With the Remote Engine Gen2, you can:
  • Access on-premise data and data in any cloud.
  • Increase portability of the pipeline and run it anywhere: on-prem or multi-cloud.
  • Work with the processing engine of your choice based on different business requirements you need.

Known issues: https://jira.talendforge.org/issues/?filter=29381

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